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Thriftywholesaler is your one stop shop for wholesale brand name health and beauty products.

Please call us at: 972-591-8772 or email: info@thriftywholeslaer.com

We sell low cost wholesale brand name and overstock cosmetics as well as and virgin hair extensions. Our cosmetic brands includes Loreal, Maybelline, Mac, Nars, NYX, Milani, and other high brand name cosmetics. We are wholesaler of hair extensions such as Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair. Our Indian remy hair are sourced directly from the temples in India; therefore it is 100% authentic Indian virgin hair.
Not all our products are listed on the website; however if you are searching for any special product you can contact us. We will be more than happy to locate it for you about any brands that is not listed on the website, and we will happily locate it for you.

THRIFTY WHOLESALER sells wholesale virgin hair extensions and wholesale cosmetics. Our beauty products include brand new and overstock luxury and high-end cosmetics. We also carry the entire line of brand new cosmetics. You will get the cheapest prices on virgin hair weaves. In fact, our prices are dirt-cheap. They are actually the lowest online prices in the entire United States of America.

We know you’re searching for everyday cheap prices. Wholesale prices are what we have, and very low price is what we’ll give you. That is why, we have created thrifty wholesaler to help you source things at a fraction of retail prices. We’ve been around since 2007. Our focus is your success. It’s simple arithmetic. If you succeed, we definitely will. Our business depends on your success. You are the engine that drives our motor.

Our motto is simple; we do not jack up our prices, so that you cannot afford it. We are simply here to provide great quality products. And cheap prices coupled with excellent customer service. Please see our forum for daily updates and feel free to interact and post pictures of your chic styles. Sharing your styles with other makeup, and hair affectionades are welcome. Thrifty wholesaler is also committed to entrepreneurship. Yes, you can!

You can start your business today as a stay at home mom. Why not earn money on the internet. Almost everyone else is doing it. Ask us how, we will be more than happy to help you. Buy our products and we will even hook you up with a free basic website. You have no reason, why you should not get started today. At this very moment, the choice is yours.­­

How to pay us

Yes, we will take your credit card payment, but for USA customers only. Sorry we cannot take international credit card payments. For your credit card payment, you will have to call us.

We do not accept credit card payments over $200.00. You can pay us with popmoney.com, it is 100% free, and offered by your bank. We also accept bank to bank payment through email address. Wire transfer is our preferred mode of payment for wholesale and international orders. You can contact us at: 972-591-8772 or email us at: info@thriftywholesaler.com


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