Are you searching for fresh out of the box premium overstock lots in NYX makeup? Thriftywholesaler has only cheap NYX bulk lots that has huge markups to help maximize your profits. We also have the entire line available if you are looking for customized orders. Contact us to see our wholesale NYX cosmetics inventory list.

wholesale nyx cosmetics

 Discount nyx cosmetics lots

Our NYX premium bulk overstock lots contains brand new NYX soft matte lipcreame in every package. See how many you will receive in each our lots…..this is guaranteed for each order.

Fresh nyx wholesale lots includes Palettes – Sets – Eye Shadows – Nail Polishes(6%) – Eye Liners – Foundations – Powders – Lip Glosses – Lipsticks – Mascaras – And substantially more..

NYX cosmetics wholesale distributors

wholesale nyx cosmetics

We are your NYX cosmetics supplier. If you are looking to purchase fresh NYX overstock cosmetics….you are at the right NYX cosmetics supplier.sold beautifiers. Our delightful blend includes Soft Matte Lip Cream, HD Studio Foundations, Mascaras, Creamy Round Lip sticks, Satin and Kohl Black Eye Liners, Single Eye Shadows, Butter Gloss, Color Eye Shadow Pallets, Jumbo Lip Pencil, Jumbo Eye Pencil, Black Eye Liners, Blushes, Multiple Color of Lip Glosses, Retractable Lip and Eye Liners, Finishing Powder and many other NYX products.

NYX makeup lots

250 pieces at $3.00 each lot includes 50 nyx smlc soft matte lipcream

500 pieces at $3.10 each lot includes 125 nyx soft matte lipcreame

1000 pieces at $3.20 each – nyx bulk lot includes 250 soft matte lipcream

2,500 pieces at $3.30 each – you will get 500 pieces of smlc nyx soft matte lipcreame

5000 pieces $3.40 each piece – lot includes 1000 pieces of wholesale nyx soft matte lipcreame



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